How to Find a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship 

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Want to work remotely, or from home?

Changing careers, up-skilling, finding your first job… it can be so daunting. 

I thought I’d take the time to explain how I managed to find great (free!) learning material to help me transition towards Digital Marketing, AND how I found a fab Digital Marketing Apprenticeship through a company called Gen M to put the theory into practice. 

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that it took me a long time to come to the decision to shift direction on my career. I considered a lot of different options, but ended up settling on Digital Marketing for various reasons such as: 

  • I have a natural interest in it – this is probably because I’ve been self employed for a while, so the idea of marketing effectively is intriguing
  • It’s an accessible industry – I don’t need a 4 year degree 
  • I can work remotely – very important at this point in my life 

The combination of these things, and a few others, led me to settle on Digital Marketing.

So, off I happily went down the internet rabbit hole of never ending research.

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I trawled through posts on forums and Facebook groups specifically for freelance digital marketers and remote workers. I subscribed to industry leaders blogs and social media sites, I listened to podcasts and asked questions in forums. 

Eventually – after more encounters with with spam “Wanna Earn 7 Figures as a Digital Nomad?” websites than I care to mention, the culmination of my research pointed me to Hubspot as the best place to dip my toe in the Digital Marketing water. Hubspot are primarily a CRM and software provider, however they also offer a training academy with certified courses which are well recognised in the industry. There are many other well regarded courses out there, however, this is the one I settled on.

I immersed myself in learning over the following weeks.

I completed almost all of their certification courses, and at some point during that time, I saw an ad for a company called GenM. On checking out GenM, I started to see the path towards real digital marketing work unfold. 

GenM are an online platform designed to match digital marketing students with businesses looking for an apprentice.

They provide training courses to get you up to speed, along with access to a database of potential apprenticeships. You commit 10 hours per week to the business over the course of 3 months, and they mentor you through your learning. 

The apprenticeships are unpaid, however you receive free coursework from GenM and the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated mentor on real marketing projects. Businesses are strictly vetted to ensure they understand that in order to obtain 10 hours of work, they must provide an equally valuable learning experience for the marketing apprentice. You can do multiple apprenticeships at the same time if you have the capacity

I’m planning to do a full post on my GenM experience in the coming months.

However, for the time being I will say I’ve very happily managed to secure my first apprenticeship with a lovely, experienced mentor. I can already see how I will be able to learn a lot from her, and her business. Exciting times!

I hope that helps give you some ideas on how you can kick start your Digital Marketing apprenticeship journey. I’m just at the start of mine, but it’s beginning to take shape.

Happy learning! 

Digital Marketing Apprentice Remote Working
C’est moi!
Working from home (in the height of summer, hence the professional work outfit)

*I am a brand ambassador with GenM and will receive a small payment if you use my affiliate link. All of my views and experiences with GenM are genuine 🙂

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